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Inflatable Snow Tubes

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Now you can make the most of winters and enjoy it to the fullest with our incredible collection of hard bottom snow tubes. Tricon Aquasia is one of the demanding wholesale inflatable snow tube manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company providing you an excellent collection of colorful snow tubes at the best affordable rates. To let our customers enjoy this cold weather with utmost pleasure and satisfaction, we have designed and introduced premium quality inflatable snow tubes. These heavy-duty tubes are precisely made to have fun in the snow. With extensive experience in creating inflatable towable tubes, we bring you the most durable tubing products that are fun for the entire family! Read More

Prominent Features of Hard Bottom Inflatable Snow Tubes

These hard bottom snow tubes are made with highly inflatable material with uncompromising virgin PVC bladder, electronically welded creases. Finish with nylon shell covered and PVC development, Elastic valves are placed for simple filling. Brisk association for towline, Enjoy a quick, safe float over the snow with the inflatable snow tubes. They are available in 70/90/100 cm sizes. These are the hard bottom snow tubes because it is manufactured using hard PE on the bottom to ensure the long-lasting usage of these tubes. The thing which makes us stand unique from other Inflatable snow tube manufacturer is that our product is expandable and comes in a variety as below.

  1. 48” Commercial Inflatable Snow Tubes.
  2. Soft Snow Tube with Hard PE bottom Tube.

Highlighting Specifications of Hard Bottom Snow Tubes

The hard bottom snow tubes should be a complete package; hence, we made our items budget-friendly and complete package. One thing which is important to mention here, we use environmental plc with anti-freeze material in the making of these snow tubes.

Our Best Trade Services For Global Buyers

These inflatable snow tubes are available in economical price than other tube manufacturers as we manufactured our product under strict quality control and offers fine rolling resistance, proper airtightness, and heat resistance. Our assistance is always there for you.

Qualities of a Superior Inflatable Snow Tubes

Tricon Aquasia Company is considered the best inflatable snow tube manufacturer all around the world. There are a number of things which make us unique and our product superior in the global market.

  1. Snow tubes give you the chance to enjoy the winter weather and connect with nature like never before.
  2. It offers you the most fun and adventurous time of your life.
  3. Tricon Aquasia tube is very light in weight and easy to transport.
  4. We guarantee you with the most adventurous and fastest ride, which will provide you maximum fun.
  5. The inflatable snow tubes we manufacture are the most spacious with comfortable seats.
  6. Our hard bottom snow tubes are durable, strong, and long-lasting in nature.
  7. It is resistant to any punctures.
  8. Snow tubes are very economical as well.
  9. These are highly safe for people of all ages.
  10. It has a layer of cold-crack additive, which saves the tube from the freezing temperatures.
  11. It is available in the market is different and unique designs, styles, and colors.
  12. The internal PVC bladder in it offers an air-cushioned ride.

Q1: What are Inflatable Snow Tubes?

An inflatable snow tube is a large inflatable ring-shaped tube employed for gliding down a snow-covered incline.

Q2: Can you use water tubes for snow?

It is not suggested to use water tubes for snow because snow tubes are made with heavy-duty PVC fabrics that are resistant to tears, cuts, and punctures.

Q3: How fast do snow tubes go?

The snow tubes can go up to 25mph.

Q4: Can you use a pool tube for sledding?

It is suggested that only snow tubes should be used for sledding as it is made from heavy-duty materials.

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